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FindCE and Find-Speaker AdSearch

1. Benefits
  • Users who are performing searches are already targeted, as FindCE.com is designed to attract professionals and Find-Speaker is designed to attract speakers, organizations and planners.
  • Ads are customizable to your specifications
  • Ads will appear on both www.FindCE.com and www.Find-Speaker.com

2. Cost

  • $10 activation fee
  • $10/month per keyword
  • No time commitment - we will discontinue within 48 hours of request.
  • Cost structure may change, but you will be notified in time to discontinue before any change has occurred.
3. What are my payment options?
  • We only accept credit card payment at this time for the FindCE AdSearch.
  • If you are paying in a USA currency, you may use Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. If you are paying in a non-USA currency, you may use Visa or Mastercard.
4. Suggestions
  • We suggest you start off with just a small list of strong keywords.This will help save you money by reducing the number of untargeted clicks, which are unlikely to convert to bookings/sales.
  • Choosing the right keywords ensures that you attract only your potential customers.
5. How much do I have to pay to be in the top position every time?
  • This is figured on a bid. If you would like to move up, send an e-mail to sponsors@findCE.com to ask about a specific keyword, and we will tell you what the monthly cost would be to move to the top.
6. Support
  • We work hard to ensure that you promptly receive quality responses to your questions via email. We are also always eager to get your feedback on AdSearch and how we can improve it, so please feel free to send us an e-mail, and you will receive a timely response.

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